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-   ABOUT US  -

Hey! Welcome to Farmhouse Fare!

We are a Texas based, family owned, company that loves to cook! We are always on the hunt for the best, most flavorful ingredients that we can incorporate into our meals. Our passion for cooking started with our love for food.

​Growing up, our parents  always taught us to try different foods and enjoy the finer delicacies life has to offer. How were we supposed to know if we liked it or not until we tried it, right?

Now that we are older (and wiser) it's not even a second thought for us to try something we've never had. Along the way, our palates developed to love finer foods that you might find in an upscale restaurant. With that comes the love of finer ingredients.

Living in Comfort, TX (small-town USA for those that aren't familiar with it) we don't have the luxury of finding the finer ingredients we like without having to drive more than 30 minutes to the closest grocery store. And while we can buy most things on Amazon and have them to our front door almost next day delivery, we just weren't satisfied with the quality we were finding. That landed us here, Farmhouse Fare.


Our goal is to offer the highest quality olive oils, white & dark balsamic vinegars, dips and tapenades, hot sauces & (soon to come) spices! We will constantly be adding more products to our store, so keep your eyes peeled for the newest additions!

Thanks for stopping by!

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